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“Kevin is brilliant and highly dependable.”

​– Ray Lapena, Head Of Corporate Communications at Tripwire

“Kevin Craine is one of the best interviewers out there today!"

​- Jeffery Hayzlett, Former Kodak CMO, C-Suite Network TV and Radio Host

“I've worked with Kevin for years. What a pleasure to work with someone so creative and so knowledgeable about the content and information management space. Kevin gets it.”

​- John Mancini, President AIIM International

“Kevin is a natural at getting to the heart of the subject matter. He brings the most important points to the surface." 

​-Sandra Zoratti, Vice President Global Marketing IBM Ricoh

"Kevin is a detailed writer with extensive experience. A valuable resource and a trusted source for writing, editing and analyst perspective."

- Ted Seward, Director of Marketing Communications, Bowe Bell + Howell

“Kevin has a powerful way with words. He takes technical concepts and makes them easy for others to understand."

- Kathy Bentaieb, Director of Corporate Marketing, Inxight Software

“Simply the best writer that we have dealt with so far."

​- Pierre Heymann, VP Marketing, Sefas Innovation

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